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The Sciencey Bit...

Athleat Scientist


You’ve heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’, well that’s technically correct it should be changed to ‘you are what you eat has eaten!’ Cows you may be surprised to know are meant to eat grass. So if they are not eating grass then what do they eat. Grain to help ‘fatten’ them up and grow quicker! This means farmers can grow their cows faster and so they get a quicker return on their investment. Grass fed cows take longer to build up to a profitable size, that’s the major reason why grass fed beef, is a bit more expensive than grain fed beef.

The effect of feeding cows with grains to fatten them up dramatically changes the composition of the fat within the meat. Grass fed beef has very high levels of omega3 oils instead of high levels of Omega 6 that grain fed beef has.

So...we decided to have our Beef tested against a major competitor. Just to see if there was a difference. Well as you can see there was a MASSIVE difference! 3 TIMES MORE OMEGA 3!

This was all done independantly (so we couldn't cheat to make ourselves look good) by the company Intertek. 

Check out our Beef here and enjoy all that Grass Fed, Omega 3 goodness....

Omega 3 Test Results

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