5 Paleo Friendly Beef Recipes

5 Paleo-Friendly Beef Recipes That You Need To Try

Eating high quality meat that is as close to natural as possible is a very important part of the Paleo diet.

That’s why grass fed and free range meats in particular are usually very popular – they are generally higher in nutrients compared to the meat from intensively-raised livestock, due to the natural lifestyle the animals live.

So, here are five great recipes that include some nutritious, beef (just make sure you choose grass fed!) that you can include in your Paleo meal plan.


Sirloin Steak And Mango Salad

Steak and mango salad from Paleo leap

Serves: 4

Nutritional Info

Protein: 27g | Carbs: 32g | Fat: 32g

This salad recipe combines slices of sirloin steak with fresh, juicy mango. Whilst it may seem like a strange combination – it really works!

Pan-sear your steak (we would recommend to no more than medium-rare) and serve it over the fresh mixed greens, herbs, cashews and mango slices from this recipe.

View this Paleo Leap recipe here.


Low Carb Gyro Bowls

Low Carb Gyro Bowls from Paleo Running Momma

Serves: 6

Nutritional Info

Protein: 25g | Carbs: 15g | Fat: 38g

These Low Carb Gyro Bowls are great for a quick and easy midweek dinner.

The meat mixture is primarily beef mince (which can also be mixed with lamb mince or pork mince), herbs and spices.

All served with cauliflower rice and a Greek-inspired salad – cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, kalamata olives and even some dairy free tzatziki.

View this Paleo Running Momma recipe here.


Paleo “Lasagna”

Paleo Lasagna from Paleo Flourish

Serves: 9

Nutritional Info

Protein: 12g | Carbs: 13g | Fat: 15g

Pasta? Surely not! Correct – with this lasagna, the pasta has been substituted with aubergine and courgette slices (or eggplant and zucchini, as they’re referred to in this recipe).

It puts a great Paleo twist on a traditional favourite – check it out.

View this Paleo Flourish recipe here.


Beef and Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry from Paleomg

Serves: 3-4

If you’re looking for a quick, healthy and tasty meal that’s Paleo-friendly – try this.

A simple combination of bavette steak, broccoli, cashews some spices and a few other ingredients to make a great stir fry.

View this Paleomg recipe here.


Braised Beef Shanks

Braised Beef Shanks from Primal Palate

Serves: 4

Despite very few ingredients, this recipe for braised beef shanks is delicious.

As it takes longer to make than the other recipes in this article, perhaps consider it for a Sunday roast or weekend treat!

View this Primal Palate recipe here.


For more tasty and nutritious recipes, take a look at our article that highlights 5 Paleo blogs that you need to follow.

And let us know in the comments if you give any of these delicious recipes a go!

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