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Olly Foster

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Olly FosterReferred to by some as Europe's top fitness model, this handsome beast has been a regular on the cover of Men's Health and Men's Fitness over the last 6 years.

An ex high level Rugby Union and League player he now has over 11 years of qualified PT experience as well as a BSc Hons degree in Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle.

Olly works as a senior trainer at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair, London loving his job and his environment.

So the team at Athleat asked me to write a little piece to let you guys know how a general day is for me. It's nothing special, very repetitive and probably to some a tad boring! but I have become very accountable to this lifestyle and to deviate from it actually stresses me out :/

Normally my working day / 1st client is at 6.30am. I hate to rush first thing in the morning (nothing worse for setting the day up badly in my opinion) so my alarm is always set for 4.30am. This gives me enough time to eat my breakfast, catch up on overnight emails, watch countdown (secret Geek I know!) have a shower then catch a tube into Mayfair to get to work at around 6.20am.

As I am fortunate enough to have the desired client base I choose, I generally schedule my clients to suit them but to also suit my own preferred training time. Normally that would be 3 clients on the bounce, working from 6.30am - 09.30am.

AfOlly Fosterter my first 3 clients I normally train myself for anywhere between 45 - 60 mins, never longer than that. I vary my sessions mainly working between a strength based session or a hypertrophy one. I have my post workout shake, take a shower and wait for my 4th client of the day at 11am. Ideally I will have another 3 clients booked in for the remainder of the day, this normally varies between 2pm- 3pm.

I hate to train more than 6 clients a day. Mainly because my energy levels dip along with my motivation. This is no good for either me or more importantly my client. If I can't give my first client the same attention and care as my last, then I am not doing my job properly.

Typically I am home by 4pm depending on the emails accumulated during my mornings work. Once I'm home I jump straight into bed for a 20 - 40 minute power nap to recharge. I generally only have around 5 hours sleep Monday - Friday so I find this afternoon snooze really benefits me both physically & mentally.

The remainder of my evening is split between working on both my one to one and online client program's - this includes anything from skype calls, progression picture assessments and answering any question they may have. I also spend a set amount of time working on my social media sites, reading articles to keep in the game, eating and hopefully having some down time with the good old TV.

Here is an example of what my daily food plan looks like....

5:00am - 200g Red meat burger with 50g of smoked salmon.
8:00am - Reflex Peptide fusion Shake
10.30am - Post workout shake - Reflex One stop extreme
12:00pm - 200g a mixture between sweet chilli chicken burgers & chicken or turkey / chicken mince that I make into a chilli. 100g Green Veg
15:00pm - Same as above
18:30pm - 200g normally red meat, ideally steak but often some cooked buffalo or lean mince. 250g white rice and 100g green veg.
22:00pm - 170g total 0% yogurt mixed with 20g of whey and 10g of flaxseeds & 20g of dark chocolate (85% minimum).

Snacks include Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes, mixed roasted nuts, almond butter.
So there you have it - my life isn't glamourous in any sense of the word! Its very much regimented with a similar pattern day in day out. I control my day and I love it. It's the way it is because I choose it to be. I don't work in an office 9 to 5, I don't have to report / check in with anyone daily and I don't allow external environmental issues to have any negative effect on what I do. I'm my own boss and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into my making a living.

I believe we are all individuals and unique in our own way, and I live by the phrase "You can only be the best YOU can be"

ollyfoster2Keep up to date with Olly on Twitter @Olly_Foster & Facebook


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