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Building Strength & Size

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Building Strength and Size with DBs and Bodyweight

Building strength and size for the upper body does not mean defaulting towards international bench day on a Monday.

Combining elements of both dumbbells and fundamental bodyweight movements in the same session, you can begin to build the unbreakable body.

Hitting the chest and breaking the reps into cluster of 3 reps will allow you to lift more and through various ranges.

The work on the rings will fire up your core and continue to target the chest as you look to increase volume.

Exercises like false grip inverted rows, prepares you for more than muscle ups- it works the wrist and forearms without resorting to direct work, especially if you are limited on time.

Bicep curls- every plan needs some in there.

Feel free to adjust the core and grip elements of the session to your needs.

1a. DB LAL Bench Press 5x3/3/3*
1b. DB Bent Over Row 5x6/6s isometric holds
30s R continuous
*3 reps in setting of high incline, mid-range and then flat bench
*LAL is Lift and Load increasing weight over sets

2a. Gym Ring Press Ups 4x9-12
2b. False Grip Inverted Row 4x9-12
30s R continuous

3a. Press Ups 3x30s
3b. Single Arm Inverted Row at 30-degree angle 3x15s/15s
30s R continuous
*not max reps, controlled reps, for duration with an even tempo

4a. Satan 6 DB Combo 2x30s on each exercise with nil R (3 minutes total)
*Combo is front raise into lateral raise then bent over rear flye

5a. IGYG Bicep Curls for 3 mins’ superset with a training partner- choose the weight wisely.
*I Go You GO


i. Ball Slams 20s (get tall and then contract hard as you slam to the floor)
ii. Double Hand KB Swing 20s
iii. Straight Arm Burpee 20s
30s Rest
4 rounds equate to 6 minutes’ work

Andy McKenzie


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