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Fran Halsall Top 5 Tips

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Fran Halsall - Top Tips

1. Get some good goggles (I recommend the Arena cobra ones) as you do not want them to be filling up with water when you are trying to swim.

2. Work on your body position in the water, people think that if you just kick your legs and move your arms round swimming is easy...try squeezing your abs it lifts you up in the water, puts you in a better position and makes the kicking and pulling easier.

3. Adopt the little and often approach, rather than trying to do a lot in one go...swimming is all about feel for the water. If you spend an hour in the water a week it will be good for you, but if you swim for 30mins two to three times a week you will get better quicker, as you maintain your feel for the water and the muscles store the movement patterns better.

4. Hand position, your hands should not cross the centre line of your body when you are pulling your arms, you will feel like you are creating more power doing this but actually you are rotating your body too much, which creates too much drag and resistance.

5. Constant leg kick - try keeping your legs in a constant rhythm whilst the arms are turning round. This should make it easier to float and the arms will come round in a better rhythm.



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