Non Stanford

Non Stanford – A Day In The Life Of An Elite Triathlete

Non Stanford, Elite Triathlete, takes us through what a standard day looks like for her.

As a triathlete, focusing on her diet and nutrition is extremely important.

So, check out what she gets up to on a training day in the video below…

Video Transcript:

Morning! Non Stanford, here. Triathlete… and welcome to a day in the life of me.  

It’s around 8:00am here and I’ve just had my morning coffee and I’m getting ready to go out for my morning run.

This morning, we’ve got a little bit of a session. It’s a 45-minute run with 15 minutes of tempo or threshold running in there, so, yeah…

Great way to start the day and let’s get going!


So that’s the session done – 45 minutes.

It was about 15 minutes around 4:30 pace, and then 15 minutes around 3:45 pace, and then dropping back down to 15 minutes at about 4:25 pace.

So, nothing special – just building the miles up at the minute as I’m coming back from injury. I was out all injured in 2017.

So yeah, just building it up at the minute and getting my legs used to turning over a bit faster.

So, now that’s done, it’s back home for a shower and some breakfast.


Finally, it’s breakfast time and after a fairly hard run and a long ride coming up, it’s important to refuel properly and I guess fuel properly for the ride that’s coming.

I often do this with eggs, a few veggies and some bagels.


Ta da!

That literally took me five minutes.

The secret is to do your eggs in the microwave.

Literally just crack the eggs into a bowl, add a tiny bit of milk, whisk it up and pop them in two minutes

Easy peasy scrambled eggs… enjoy!


So, I’ve had a bit of chill this morning after running – put my feet up, relaxed a bit.

Now it’s time to go out on the bike. It’s a bit cold, as you can tell, but hopefully the rain is going to hold off today, which would be a first, in a long time.

I’m gonna head out for about three/three and a half hours.

Nice steady ride with the group here in Leeds.


So, just back from three and a half hours steady ride, just in time as the daylight is starting to go.

A bit of a problem in the winter is getting all your training done before it gets dark, but luckily it didn’t rain today. So that is nice!

So, my only job for today is to clean my bike and then I can go in and chill out.


Nutrition is obviously important for everybody in any walk of life.

But when you are an elite athlete and training all day, nutrition obviously is especially important because you have to fuel yourself and recover properly from sessions.

But, you know, it doesn’t mean it has to be complicated and I really try to keep things simple when it comes to my diet.

So, for dinner tonight, I’ve just got some steamed veggies, some rice and some lean meat – chicken tonight.

I vary up the meat that I eat on a daily basis, try to get red meat in as well, when I can, and fish obviously as well – that’s really good.

But, tonight, we’ve got chicken and it looks pretty good if you ask me!

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