Rich Chessor’s Top 5 Festive Nutrition Tips

Rich Chessor, Athleat Nutritionist and Lead of the Nutrition, Physiology and Strength & Conditioning Team at British Swimming, shares his top 5 festive nutrition tips...

Festive Nutrition Tip #1

Try and focus on keeping your diet consistently good, rather than intermittently perfect.

Now we know there’s going to be days of excess calories consumed and overindulgence. If we can focus on consistency rather than trying to achieve the perfect diet to compensate for a couple of days of overindulgence, then that consistency is hopefully going to help us maintain that little bit closer to our health and fitness schools throughout this period.


Festive Nutrition Tip #2

Think about food, not nutrients. So, please forget about counting the calories, forget about tracking your protein intake and just focus on enjoying great-tasting foods, but also the pleasure of eating it.


Festive Nutrition Tip #3

Now, if you are concerned about consuming a few extra calories in this period, then please don’t waste time stressing too much. Health and fitness goals certainly aren’t going to be lost with a few days of overindulgence!

Even if you did consume an extra thousand calories over the course of the day, those extra calories aren’t going to contribute towards an increase in body fat – perhaps even less than 50% of them will end up in stored body fat.

So, again, let’s focus on returning to consistency at either the next meal or the next day.


Festive Nutrition Tip #4

Eat a diverse diet!

Now, here at Athleat, we’re big proponents of eating a wide-ranging and diverse diet. That’s part of the reason we sell everything from chicken breasts to game meat.

Maybe, therefore, the Christmas and the festive period is an opportunity for you to try something new or try something different within your diet.


Festive Nutrition Tip #5

Eat Athleat meat for Christmas!

The best free-range turkeys, succulent bacon joints, grass-fed beef joints and (my favourite) the pigs in blankets!

Have a great Christmas, a very Happy New Year and we look forward to sharing food with you in 2022.

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