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Richie Gray Top 5 Tips

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Richie Gray - Top tips.


One of two in the biggest factors recovery. Post match your body needs good, quality food and a lot of it. This allows me to recover quicker from a difficult game and go into the following week in great shape.


The second in the biggest factor of recovery. I will always try to get 8 hours minimum a night but on a day off or day after nothing better than a long lie in for 10 hours. Basically the more the better

Energy makes energy

I believe a quote from Sir Steve Redgrave sums this up. During qualifying he would never coast to a finish even if he had a race won, he believed energy made energy. A great quote/tip when working hard in the gym or on the field.

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail

I’m sure many people have heard this one. Going into a match week you want to make sure you've prepared as best you can and there are no surprises come game day. Whether that be studying your opposition, preparing your plays on the field, right down to preparing your nutrition. All these things will help deliver a better performance.



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