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What Is The Athleat Academy?

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The Athleat Academy is a comprehensive database of great information relating to Eating Natural and Performing Great whatever you do in work, rest or play.

We focus on three very important main areas.


The Nutrition section includes valuable info on the basics of great nutrition as well as more advanced techniques and insights into the latest nutritional trends with articles, videos, nutrition plans and more all geared towards helping you to #eatnatural

The online Performance section includes articles, videos, tutorials, webinars and guest workouts carefully detailed to help you to #performgreat

Our legendary Recipes are all about three things...Great nutrition, great quality and great taste! Updated regularly with the latest favourites perfect for performance athletes, hungry families and avid diet followers across the UK and beyond.

In addition we are also going to feature industry experts via their regular blog posts on a wide variety of subjects from the health and fitness world. We also have our Athleat Wall of Meat to showcase your cookery skills via any food snapshots you have shared with us on social media and our “Behind The Scenes” pages to let you see what’s going on in our butchery unit on a weekly basis.

The Athleat Academy Mission

The objective of the Athleat Academy is to provide men, women and children of all ages and abilities the tools and techniques to improve in all aspects of their lives. Whether your goal is to dominate a competitive sport or even simply to maintain a level of sustainable fitness and overall health for you and your family, the Athleat Academy is here to provide great quality and compelling information to help you to succeed.

What does the Future Hold for Athleat Academy?

The next phase of the Academy will integrate high quality and engaging videos into the mix showcasing the best athletes in the UK as well as online cookery demo’s from the best chefs.


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How much should I be eating?

Our bespoke calculator will give you total calories and macro breakdown dependent on your goals.

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