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Cote De Boeuf (Ribeye On The Bone)

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Grass fed Beef Cote De Boeuf (RIbeye On The Bone)

Double 800g-900g ,

Single 400g-500g

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Cote De Boeuf (or Ribeye on the bone) is one of the finest steak dishes and a meaty treat for beef lovers. Popular across France and Europe a single "côte de bœuf" is usually served as a meal for two.

Cote De Boeuf is a steak cut from the rib primal with the rib bone still attached. This meaty nirvana deserves the best ingredients so our grass fed is perfect! We look for meat that is well marbled and matured on the bone for extra flavour. This produces a succulent, full flavoured product.

There are two options: 

"Single" - Which is 400-500g and half a rib (we cut it down the middle of the rib)

"Double" - A full rib and weighs in at between 800-900g

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Nutritional Analysis carried out by Intertek Food (UK) and approved under the direction of: John Searle BSc (Hons); MChemA; CChem; FIFST; MRSC.
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Delivery & Packaging

We freshly cut and pack your meaty goodies into double sealed vacuum packs to ensure the meat stays as fresh as the day we cut it! Single items like steaks and chicken breasts will be packed in pairs or 10's unless an odd number is ordered (in which case it will be in a pair and a single pack) and produce like diced and minced meat will be in portion packs of approx 454g. Your Athleat goodies are well protected and kept chilled by the bespoke packaging we have developed over years of experience.

We combine high grade foil insulation inside double strength boxes to create a mini mobile fridge that is chilled to perfection by our Athleat ice sheets all of which can be easily recycled. Unfortunately we do not have a packaging returns service at the moment.

This solution is used for UK overnight deliveries as well as those going Europe wide. Carnivores everywhere order from Athleat, safe in the knowledge that their meat will be kept COLD and fresh for up to 72 hours in transit and beyond!

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Andy McKenzie
Strength Coach
Your body is a by-product of lifestyle, how you train and more importantly what you eat. Informed choice is becoming a rarity when it comes to the quality of food. Athleat and their selection of grass fed products make it easy for me to make the best choice, every time.

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