Our Story


We know that the better quality food you put into your body, the more you will get out of it. We set out to provide the highest quality fresh meat and poultry money can buy and deliver it direct to Carnivores across the UK!



Childhood friends and co-Founders Lee and Adrian started Athleat many years ago. Lee had strong family links with the meat industry and a background in professional sport, which led them to a lightbulb moment..

Athletes + Meat = Athleat!

From humble beginnings…

Delivering the meat ourselves, initially supplying various sports teams & athletes, etc., but we quickly realised that everyone loves good meat and it is hard to come by! Adrian provided some much needed sales and technical knowledge and, with a steam powered website, we started conveniently sending meat out across the UK in our amazing packaging direct to customers doors!

We have come along way since then and now provide meat to dedicated Carnivores across the UK !

“To eat is a necessity…To eat intelligently is an art”


They are the three words that drive Athleat every day. Quality products is what you guys come to us for and we will never provide an inferior quality product just to make a bit more profit… we would rather sacrifice cash for quality (don’t tell the accountant!). We pride ourselves on being credible (as well as incredible, of course) that is why we provide complete transparency on provenance and have had our products tested for their nutritional information!

We have a crack team of master butchers who will stop at nothing until they achieve meat nirvana! The guys are headed up by Paul (the head butcher) and are a hard working bunch, cutting and packing all your meaty goodies. 


We get asked this question A LOT. Can I buy from you even though I don’t play sport? Yes, you can! …It’s true that lot’s of professional athletes across a wide range of endeavours come to us for their meaty goodness BUT we are also chosen by families, foodies, fitties and of course ANYONE who enjoys a good steak (which should be everyone as far as we are concerned). The health benefits of naturally reared, grass fed meats are HUGE and shouldn’t be just for performance (although it is perfect for that too!) Our meats will help to boost your quality protein intake to go along with all those amazing veggies!


We just straight up LOVE great meat and we love having a chat about it. Our carnivore support guys are on hand to provide all the information you need to make a decision… from what cut might be best, how to cook the perfect steak (see here!) and of course delivery times and just about ANYTHING else. We pride ourselves on being very approachable and hopefully add in a bit of humour too! Our crack team of carnivore support guys (headed up by Alana, our customer happiness guru!) are available for you at all times! Just get in touch!


We have been lucky enough to be chosen by lots of pro athletes and other household names who know that we will provide the quality that they require to perform whatever they do! Check out some of our glowing reviews here.

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Your favourite meats delivered to you every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks

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Freshly butchered and packed on the morning of despatch

Grass Fed And Free Range

Giving you better quality meat than intensively raised livestock

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£10 for you & £10 off for them, when they place their 1st order

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