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Free range chicken supports animal welfare

Free range promotes some of the highest standards of animal welfare, as the birds have been able to freely roam and graze on the farm, living as close to a natural life as possible.

Our chickens spend on average at least half their life outside roaming on herb and clover enriched meadows among woodland strips to encourage them to range, forage and dust bath as they would in their natural forest floor habitat.

Of course, a by-product of the chickens living a more natural life is that they are healthier and happier birds that produce better quality meat.

Free range is better for the environment

The production of grains to feed intensively-reared poultry is potentially detrimental to wildlife due to the number of pesticides and fertilisers used.

Free range, pasture-raised poultry can instead contribute to a well-balanced eco-system where wildlife is able to thrive, as they gently graze on pastures without causing damage.

All of this leads to a lower carbon footprint, ultimately meaning it’s better for the environment.

Things we get asked about our chicken

FAQ: Are your chickens given hormones or antibiotics?

There are no prophylactic antibiotics or hormones given at any stage of their development.

FAQ: Is your chicken Organic?

No, our chicken is not certified Organic. However, as Organic poultry can sometimes be grain fed in confinement, we maintain that eating our chicken (raised humanely and naturally in open pastures!) is a healthier choice.

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