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Wild Game FAQs

What is wild game?

In the UK, the most common wild game meat includes fur game and feathered game. Fur game comes from deer (venison), rabbit and hare. Feathered game comes from pheasant, guinea fowl, partridge, wild duck and grouse.

To get the meat, the animal is shot and killed, usually with a gun or bow.

At Athleat, the meats we provide include venison, whole rabbit, guinea fowl and pheasant.

Why should you eat game meat?

Game meat is very similar in omega fatty acids to grass fed beef – it is higher in omega-3 and lower in omega-6. It is also packed full of lean protein and is a good source of iron and zinc. This makes it another great, healthy addition to your diet, with many positive benefits to your health.

Wild game meat is also packed full of flavour – this is because the animals roam free and benefit from far more exercise than those that produce farmed meat. This also means there are no hormones or antibiotics used, meaning the meat is deliciously natural.

Is game meat easy to cook?

Game meat can be cooked in a number of ways, making it a really versatile addition to your weekly menu. It is generally easy to cook, there are just a few things to be mindful of:

  • Be careful not to overcook it, otherwise, you won’t get that delicious gamey taste. When cooking, the bloodier the better!
  • Always carve across the fibres, as it does consist of tougher fibres when compared with other meats.

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