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Wild Kangaroo Burger

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Wild Kangaroo Burger

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We use genuinely wild Australian Kangaroo for this delicious alternative meat. We carefully mince then season with our gluten free seasoning and press into Burgers in our own Butchery unit to ensure quality at all times. These burgers have a light game flavour and is very lean. 

These are a great alternative to our very popular steak burgers.

Our master butchers expertly hand press our burgers every morning and we recommend cooking these burgers on a BBQ or griddle to sear the outside while keeping the inside juicy.

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We freshly cut and pack your meaty goodies into double sealed vacuum packs to ensure the meat stays as fresh as the day we cut it! Single items like steaks and chicken breasts will be packed in pairs or 10's unless an odd number is ordered (in which case it will be in a pair and a single pack) and produce like diced and minced meat will be in portion packs of approx 454g. Your Athleat goodies are well protected and kept chilled by the bespoke packaging we have developed over years of experience.

We combine high grade foil insulation inside double strength boxes to create a mini mobile fridge that is chilled to perfection by our Athleat ice sheets all of which can be easily recycled. Unfortunately we do not have a packaging returns service at the moment.

This solution is used for UK overnight deliveries as well as those going Europe wide. Carnivores everywhere order from Athleat, safe in the knowledge that their meat will be kept COLD and fresh for up to 72 hours in transit and beyond!

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Ed Stafford
Adventurer, Explorer, Author
Gone are the days of putting any old meat in my body and shutting my eyes to the consequences. Athleat meat is 100% grass fed and free of hormones and antibiotics making it the intelligent choice for those looking for longevity as well as high quality protein for building muscle.
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