Why Choose Athleat?

An athlete strives to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be – always pushing, looking to improve and evolve.

At Athleat, we are also always pushing to be the best, to perform with integrity and provide you with meat you can trust. Meat of the highest quality and nutritional value whilst also being environmentally and ethically reared.

You may not be an Olympic Athlete but if you want to be a better version of yourself, trust Athleat to provide you with the best.

Our Bestsellers

Free Range Chicken Breast

Free Range Chicken Breasts

✔ 100% Free Range
✔ Butchered Fresh To Order
✔ Red Tractor Approved
Grass Fed Beef Steak Mince

Grass Fed Beef Steak Mince

✔ 100% Grass Fed
✔ Butchered Fresh To Order
✔ Red Tractor Approved

Grass Fed Beef Steaks

✔ 100% Grass Fed
✔ Butchered Fresh To Order
✔ Red Tractor Approved
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Save Time... Save Money... Save Hassle...

When You Subscribe To A RepBox!

With an Athleat RepBox, you can choose the meats you want and have them delivered every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks!

Not only that but RepBox subscribers also receive a discount on every item they add to their order(up to 15% depending on the products you choose!), as a thank you for being loyal customers!

Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Here’s how it works…

Choose Your Meat

Add the grass fed and free range goodies that suit your taste and nutritional goals into your basket!

Choose Delivery Date

At the checkout, choose the frequency of your RepBox and select your initial delivery date!

Cook And Devour

Receive your meat in our bespoke packaging, keeping it chilled and fresh… then it’s time to get cooking!

Be In

Get 24/7 access to your personal dashboard, where you can easily manage your details and orders!

Be In Control

Get 24/7 access to your personal dashboard, where you can easily manage your details and orders!

What They Say

A few comments from some of our most famous customers, who you may recognise…

“My husband and I absolutely subscribe to the old adage ‘you are what you eat’. We choose to eat as cleanly as we can. The Athleat service is excellent! We would not even consider buying our meat from a supermarket having used Athleat. No question, they are great!”

Beverley Knight, Singer and West End Performer

“I’m delighted to become an Athleat ambassador. As a professional athlete, recovery and nutrition are as vital to my success as the sessions I perform in the pool. The support of Athleat is great. They provide high quality meat so that I can continue to perform at my best.”

Fran Halsall, Olympic Swimmer

“Athleat’s products are grass fed… hormone free and taste amazing. Eating high welfare and locally sourced meat is important to me and my beliefs; that’s why I choose Athleat. I recommend their steak mince and chicken breasts. SO much better in taste and quality than any I have had.”

Vernon Kay, TV & Radio Presenter

“I have been an Athleat customer for a number of years now and their meat is sensational. The variety of products and quality is unrivalled. I recommend Athleat to everyone who wants to eat the best possible quality food and love what they eat!”

Alasdair Dickinson – Pro Rugby Player

“Eat more good stuff, eat less bad stuff; do it consistently. It’s quite simple and Athleat makes the process even simpler by providing the quality products that allow athletes to thrive! You don’t short change yourself when training, why do it in the kitchen?”

Rich Chessor, Performance Nutritionist

“I have to say, I’m yet to find better quality meat than I get with Athleat. The steak for example is hard to match at any of London’s top restaurants. I am proud to represent Athleat and recommend it to anyone looking for a high grade quality service all round.”

Olly Foster, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer

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Simple, Flexible Subscription

Your favourite meats delivered to you every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks

Premium Quality Fresh Meat

Freshly butchered and packed on the morning of despatch

Grass Fed And Free Range

Giving you better quality meat than intensively raised livestock

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£10 for you & 10% off for them, when they place their 1st order

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