Hopefully any questions you have will be answered here…

But you can get in touch at any time to let us know if there are any burning questions that we haven’t covered, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Just drop us an email on info@athleat.co.uk!

***Due to the current circumstances, from Tuesday 24th March and until further notice, Athleat deliveries will be made on Tuesdays and Thursdays only and on Saturdays with the usual courier premium.***

How much will my delivery cost? 

Normal mainland UK delivery is free when you spend £100 or more, or order as part of a group/organisation with a regular delivery to a training facility.  We charge a small supplement of £4.50 for orders under £100, £7.50 for orders under £50 and £10 for orders under £25. Just enter your details at checkout for an up to date quote of the delivery costs. Costs for shipping to outlying areas of the UK vary, so again please check the delivery part of the checkout procedure for an accurate cost.


Where do you ship to?

We ship to mainland UK, the UK Highlands and Islands! If you are unsure if we ship to your area just email us at info@athleat.co.uk or call 0800 098 8122 and Carnivore support will check your address!


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Solo and PayPal all powered securely by SagePay – the largest payment Gateway in the UK.


How do I know when my order will arrive?

During the checkout process, you can choose your preferred delivery date. You will receive your order confirmation and notifications of despatch. The courier will also be in touch directly to advise of any possible delays because of stock issues or if your order is delayed in transit. The courier will also text you a specific time slot on the day (this can vary from courier to courier).


What if I am not going to be in when the delivery comes?

We always ask the courier to leave the package in a safe place (if possible) or with one of your neighbours if not. The driver will then leave a note explaining where the parcel has been left for you to collect at your leisure. You can state any delivery instructions and where you wish for your order to be left in the checkout stages. The driver will then follow these instructions to the best of their ability.


Don’t worry, the packaging is well sealed and will keep out any hungry cats, as well as keeping the meat cool until you arrive home.


We can also send your box to your place of work if you choose to. The packaging is like a little fridge and will keep the meat cool until you get home so there’s no need to worry.


If the service you chose includes the option of a delivery to a local shop then the courier will advise you of this separately, please check with the shop as to their opening times if you are picking it up in the evening.


How can I be sure that my order will arrive fresh? How will my order be packed?

All our items are double sealed and either vacuum packed in pairs or in portion packs of approx 454g to keep the product fresh.


Aside from instantly vacuum packaging your meat to preserve its natural flavour, texture and goodness, our delivery service also includes the use of some high-quality temperature controlled boxes. These are specially insulated with the super duper double bubble foil sheets and special Athleat ice/gel packs. The ice/gel packs are flash frozen prior to packing your order and work to keep your order chilled (without freezing the food) so you can tuck in straight away or place the meat in the fridge/freezer. You can recycle the plastic from these packs, but if the contents of the packs are gel (they can sometimes be water) it does have to go into the bin once it’s done its job. Don’t try to pour the gel down the sink, as it could block your drains. There are some great ways to reuse our packs such as picnics or even icing injuries! Should you wish to pour it down the drain, we’d recommend mixing a little bit of salt with the gel solution and it will return to its liquid form, making it safe to pour away!


Check out our Delivery and Packaging page for more information!


Our expert Butchers also pack your box for you! Which means they can triple check the product quality and make adjustments if they do not meet our exacting standards. We want to provide you with the best delivery service to make sure that your meat arrives in as fresh and as succulent as the day it was butchered.


We aim to ensure the box temperature does not exceed 8 degrees over the period from when the courier picks up your parcel from us and the packaging has been tested for a 72 hour period to ensure we have a failsafe if there is an unavoidable delay in the delivery of your order.


On receiving your order, we advise you refrigerate the items if you’re planning on using within the next day or so. If not, we advise that you freeze it immediately; our meats will keep for up to 6 months in the freezer if kept in their food grade vacuum packs.


Can I recycle the packaging?

Yes, absolutely! The outer cardboard box and the insulation sheets (which are lined with aluminium) can be easily recycled. The ice packs can be reused for picnics, icing injuries or even keeping your beverages cool (tip – you can use the whole box for that too). Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a packaging returns service currently. We adhere to the very highest food hygiene standards and unfortunately, we not allowed to have used packaging coming back into our butchery unit.


What if I need to track my order?

Your order confirmation will include your unique consignment/order number or “MEAT I.D”. You can track your parcel with this number via the courier you chose at checkout. You will receive updates on your order status regularly from us and the courier of choice so you know your order is on its way.


How do I leave delivery instructions and what if I need to change them?

We do have options for delivery instructions on our online checkout and if you need to go out on your selected delivery date you can select instructions for our couriers to leave your parcel somewhere safe. If you do not have a secure place for the parcel we can deliver to an alternative address.


Have you got any more info on delivery for me?

In the unlikely event that your order is not delivered within 24 hours of it being shipped, then don’t worry. Our courier will contact you to let you know and steps will be taken to get the delivery out the next working day. The high-quality temperature controlled boxes are designed to keep your meat super fresh for up to 72 hours so if the order doesn’t quite make it on your preferred date it does not mean the meat isn’t fresh. . Please note that if you are a RepBox customer your order cannot be changed or altered after midnight the night before despatch (ie) the day before you receive your delivery. Normal orders cannot be changed online and you will need to be in touch with us at least 2 working days before despatch to ensure you receive the products you want. We cannot be held responsible for unwanted deliveries and any order with the courier cannot be redirected or returned to us.

How do you select your meat and where is it sourced from?

Athleat meat is sourced from some great family run farms and slaughtered nearby to stop any stress of the animals. Please check our product pages for more info on where the meat comes from, what it has eaten and what has made it such a happy animal!


Is your Beef Organic? And is your Beef and Lamb truly Grass Fed?

No, but don’t confuse ‘organic’ with ‘high quality’.  Extensively reared, grass fed cattle which receive absolutely minimal medication produce the best beef in the world.  Many Organic animals are reared on soil certified by the Soil Association but can be on occasion fed grain for the majority of their lives. We have made the conscious decision to offer the highest quality Grass Fed Beef which doesn’t carry what we feel is the unnecessary premium that Organic meat is affected by. You can read more about Grass Fed Meat here.


Are the animals fed any grain or given any antibiotics/growth hormone?

We ensure that all our products are reared naturally and fed only the highest quality pasture depending on the species wherever possible. See the individual product pages for more information on our animals specific diets.


How are the animals slaughtered?

We only use traditional slaughtering methods and all animals are pre-stunned. The farms we source from are only a few miles from the small family-run slaughterhouse which means low stress for the animals being transported. We only ever use the stun and sticking method which is proven to be a very humane way and is recommended by the RSPCA. The slaughterhouse has a full-time vet to ensure all animals are treated the right way up until the last moment.


How do we ensure our products are up to scratch?

Taste tests are our secret weapon when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of our products; The Head Butcher has very high standards and he fires up the Athleat BBQ daily to cook our products to make sure everything is up to scratch. As well as our daily BBQ we make regular checks of the produce coming in from our suppliers to grade the meat to make sure it is good enough for our customers. We are able to trace your steak all the way back from who cut it as well as the provenance. 


Can I refreeze the meat if it has partially or fully thawed in transit?

Yes, you can. Recent regulations from Food Safety Association notes that you can, but only if the meat has been kept under 5 degrees during its transit in the box or in the refrigerator. You can then re-freeze the meat with only the slight possibility of a reduction in quality, but this is rare. When defrosting the meat the safest way to do this is in the refrigerator slowly not bringing it up to room temperature until cooking time.


Will I have to portion out my order so I can put them in the freezer?

If you purchase either our individual items like Steaks and Chicken Breasts then all your meat will arrive in meal sized vacuum packs of either pairs or 16oz (454g) packs, easy to place directly in the fridge or freezer. This method is clean, easy handling and also ensures prolonged freshness. If you decide to take advantage of our BULK items then they will arrive in packs of 10 or 10lb so you will have to get your hands in there and portion them into freezer bags yourself before freezing. All meat will arrive fresh unless stated on the product page and will keep refrigerated for 7 days from the day of despatch or frozen for up to 6 months.


There is a slight smell from the products when I open them from their vacuum packs. What can I do?

Please do not be alarmed by the smell, this is something that is called the ‘blooming process’. When the air is sucked out of the pack the meat cannot breathe, once opened the meat may let off some gases whilst it re-adjusts to be in the open again. We suggest placing the meat onto a plate and popping in the fridge for ten minutes, the smell will usually completely disappear. If you are still concerned then please contact us and we can talk you through the options.


I’m not sure what cut I want…Can you help?

We certainly can. Our friendly and knowledgeable service team can assist you with any special cuts you require that you may not find listed on our website.  You can get in touch at info@athleat.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

Athleat meat being prepared

How do I know your site is secure?

The site is protected by Comodo, meaning we comply with the strongest identity authentication standard available today.



My order has not arrived, what should I do?

If your delivery has not arrived by the end of the day on the requested date please don’t worry if there has been a delay. The parcels are proven to keep the meat fridge cold for up to 72 hours and will be out for delivery the very next working day. If the courier has been to your property and couldn’t find a secure location or with an available neighbour the parcel has been taken back to the depot for security and will be delivered the next day. Again don’t worry about the products, everything will be in tip top condition when it arrives the next day.



What if I am not happy with the quality of my products?

We strive for quality in everything we do. If your products are not up to these exacting standards then please note your order number, the person who packed the box and take a quick snap of the product you feel is sub standard. If you can also provide the “P Code” found on the product label on the left hand side. This means that we can launch investigations and arrange replacements for them. Please contact us on either 0800 098 8122 or email us at info@athleat.co.uk and we will get back to you with a suitable resolution.



The packaging my order has arrived in is damaged in some way.

If your meat has arrived with a split in its vacuum packaging we can assure you that the products are still safe for eating. We use food grade insulation which is specifically designed for use with food and will cause no harm if it has come into contact with the meat.


If your box has been damaged on the outside please don’t panic, the ice blocks within the insulation will still be doing their job. The exterior box is strong but sometimes moisture can cause sections of the box to split slightly. It is very rare for any product inside to be affected when there is slight damage to the box. If the ice packs have defrosted it just means that they have been doing their job keeping the meat nice and cold, transferring all that lovely “coldness” to the meat.



I am missing something from my order. What shall I do?

All our products are packed in pairs or approx 454g packs (apart from our bulk chicken product). Please don’t panic if you can only see one steak when you ordered two. They will both be there, our vacuum packing often gives the illusion there is one product per pack.


If there is a product missing then please do give us a call and we will do our very best to correct the issue. Please take a note of the name of the packer and your order number and contact us on 0800 098 8122 and we will make the appropriate arrangements. Please feel free to take a quick snap and email it over.



I have received all of my products, but I have weighed them and they are lighter than advertised.

All of our scales in our Butchery unit are regularly checked and calibrated by trading standards which makes them very accurate. If you have placed a product on your home scale and it is light please let us know, but most likely your scales aren’t as accurate as our industrial ones. Also, with certain products we cannot make the weight absolutely exact (because of natural variants in the animals) therefore all these products weights are approximate.  If you are still sure that the product is very underweight please take a picture and we can make the appropriate arrangements.



Can I edit or amend my order after I have placed it?

There are two ways to order with us. You can choose to have a single order or you can choose a RepBox which will send you orders automatically whenever suits. 


If you have placed a single order or your first RepBox order then you will have paid for the order at the time and the only way to adjust the order is to get in touch with Carnivore support at info@athleat.co.uk or by calling 0800 098 8122. They will be able to amend addresses etc. and if necessary cancel your order but we will need as much notice as possible, so please get in touch with us ASAP.



If you have chosen our RepBox option then you have lots more options for your repeat deliveries (as well as better pricing!). For subsequent orders, you can log into your Dashboard and edit delivery dates, items and frequency 24/7. Payment for a RepBox order is taken in line with your delivery frequency preference. Please note that if you are a RepBox customer your order cannot be changed or altered after midnight on the day payment is due. We cannot be held responsible for unwanted deliveries and any order with the courier cannot be redirected or returned to us. See more here



I have a RepBox – how can I cancel/pause/restart it?

All things RepBox is dealt with in your Dashboard area on our website. You can make changes to your box, pause it or add items to it. If you would like to cancel we would love to have a chat with you to see if we can help! So please call us on 0800 098 8122
Log in to your dashboard here


I have heard I can earn free meat for life with something called a MeatBank?! How does that work?

Fancy FREE MEAT? Of course, you do!


If you are a customer, all you need to do is give your unique Meat Mates referral code to fellow Carnivores to invite them to the feast! Head on over to your Dashboard to find your unique Meat Mates referral code and to check your MeatBank balance!

How does it work? It’s easy… You refer all your friends and family giving them your code… They will receive 10% off their first order when they use your code… You receive a £10 voucher for EVERY new carnivore who orders using your code!


They are redeemed easily during the checkout procedure… if you have MeatBank credit to use, you will be given the option to take money off your order, just enter the amount you would like to put towards your order!


I have an incentive code – how do I use it?

Click the link for the voucher code then simply type in your code to apply your savings. Please note your basket will show any discounts that apply to your order. If you don’t see changes then your code may not have been applied and you will be charged the full amount. We are usually unable to adjust orders after a certain period after payment has been taken initially.


My incentive code is not working – what do I do?

Please check your incentive code’s minimum order value and excluded products if your code is not working.  Athleat incentive codes may exclude a small selection of products on site. If your code was received through an email or marketing collateral you can see the T’s & C’s for exact information on excluded products or minimum order values within the copy.

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