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Grass fed beef is better for you…

When compared to beef produced from cattle that eat grains as their main source of food, grass fed beef is proven to be richer in certain nutrients that boast many health benefits. It contains:

  • Good fatty acids – up to five times more omega-3 (a healthy fat that has anti-inflammatory properties) and around the same amount of omega-6 as its grain fed counterpart.
  • Vitamins A and E, which have anti-ageing properties and can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is known to have anti-cancer properties.

Not only is it nutritionally better, but we think it also tastes better. Our beef has a distinct “pure” and really beefy taste, with lovely marbling and light yellow fat, which is a key sign of the grass fed nature of the beef.

Rearing grass fed cows does not just produce better meat for you, it also means a better life for the livestock and it’s kinder to the environment too…

Grass fed beef is kinder to the cattle and to the environment…

Thanks to their free range lifestyle, with access to fresh air and open pastures, the herd tends to be in better health and so do not require to be continually given antibiotics to avoid infections. Instead, the animals are only ever given antibiotics at the first sign of infection actually developing.

Our grass fed beef is also free from hormones – as the cattle live a life as close to normal as possible, the exercise they get means their muscles form fully, so they don’t require hormones to promote growth.

And because the cattle aren’t intensively farmed, overcrowding is less of an issue, which means that the fields can be used sparingly. With a 30-45 day rest period between grazing, the farmers can allow for the pasture to recover fully. The farms we utilise are also large, so there is less of a chance of overgrazing. This vastly reduces any soil erosion problems too.

FAQ: Is your beef Organic?

Our beef is not certified Organic. However, our cattle eat nothing but grasses, supplemented by hay in the winter. Since Organic beef can be grain fed in confinement, we maintain that eating our beef, raised humanely and naturally in open pastures, is a healthier choice.

Organic is a term that can be misused. Being “certified Organic” means that a variety of organisations (soil association being one) have been to the farm that the animal has been reared on and if the land conforms to their criteria they can call their product Organic. There is a membership fee for using the Organic title, and we have made the conscious decision to use pastured beef rather than pay a premium for this service.

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