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Your favourite meats delivered directly to your door (on repeat) with a RepBox!


How It Works

Choose Your Meat

Add the grass fed and free range goodies that suit your taste and nutritional goals into your basket!

Choose Delivery Date

At the checkout, choose the frequency of your RepBox and select your initial delivery date!

Cook And Devour

Receive your meat in our bespoke packaging, keeping it chilled and fresh… then it’s time to get cooking!

Be In

Get 24/7 access to your personal dashboard, where you can easily manage your details and orders!

Be In Control

Get 24/7 access to your personal dashboard, where you can easily manage your details and orders!

There’s nothing better than creating your favourite dishes with tasty, high-quality meat…

So, why not ensure you always have a constant supply of your favourite meats delivered directly to your door?

With an Athleat RepBox, you can choose the meats you want and have them delivered every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks, so that you can keep creating those delicious (and healthy) dishes!

Not only that but RepBox subscribers will also receive a discount on every item they add to their order (up to 15% depending on the products you choose!), as a thank you for being loyal customers!

This means you’re getting amazingly flavoured, high-quality meat delivered directly to you at great prices!

Sounds good?

Then hit the button below to start adding your favourite meats to your basket, before choosing your RepBox frequency at the checkout!

“My husband and I absolutely subscribe to the old adage ‘you are what you eat’. We choose to eat as cleanly as we can. The Athleat service is excellent! We would not even consider buying our meat from a supermarket having used Athleat. No question, they are great!”

Beverley Knight, Singer and West End Performer

“I’m delighted to become an Athleat ambassador. As a professional athlete, recovery and nutrition are as vital to my success as the sessions I perform in the pool. The support of Athleat is great. They provide high quality meat so that I can continue to perform at my best.”

Fran Halsall, Olympic Swimmer

“Athleat’s products are grass fed… hormone free and taste amazing. Eating high welfare and locally sourced meat is important to me and my beliefs; that’s why I choose Athleat. I recommend their steak mince and chicken breasts. SO much better in taste and quality than any I have had.”

Vernon Kay, TV & Radio Presenter

“I have been an Athleat customer for a number of years now and their meat is sensational. The variety of products and quality is unrivalled. I recommend Athleat to everyone who wants to eat the best possible quality food and love what they eat!”

Alasdair Dickinson – Pro Rugby Player

“Eat more good stuff, eat less bad stuff; do it consistently. It’s quite simple and Athleat makes the process even simpler by providing the quality products that allow athletes to thrive! You don’t short change yourself when training, why do it in the kitchen?”

Rich Chessor, Performance Nutritionist

“I have to say, I’m yet to find better quality meat than I get with Athleat. The steak for example is hard to match at any of London’s top restaurants. I am proud to represent Athleat and recommend it to anyone looking for a high grade quality service all round.”

Olly Foster, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer

Your RepBox FAQs Answered!

I can’t make changes to my first RepBox order within my account dashboard, why not?

As payment is taken when you place your first RepBox order, any changes will need to be manually processed by our customer support team.


To make changes to your first order, please get in touch with us ASAP on either or 0800 098 8122


Where can I see when my next RepBox delivery is coming?

When you click on ‘My Account’ at the top right of any page and enter your login details, you will be taken directly to your dashboard.


If you are already logged in, simply click on ‘My Account’, which will take your directly to your dashboard.


From there, you will see your next delivery date displayed in the ‘Next Delivery’ section. To change this, simply click the ‘Change Date’ button and choose a new delivery date.


Where can I find my referral link?

Once you have navigated to your dashboard, your link will be displayed at the bottom of your dashboard. Any friend, family member, gym buddy, etc. using the code they receive from signing up to Athleat through your link will get 10% off their first order. We’ll give you a £10 voucher to use on your next order to say thank you for bringing them to the feast! More details here.


Who are my Meat Mates?

These are friends, family members, colleagues, clients, etc. who you have deemed worthy of a recommendation to Athleat. If they live up to the accolade and get involved with an order using your code, then we’ll give you a £10 voucher to use on your next order!


Simply share your referral link with your mates and get them to sign-up to Athleat through your link!  Spread the word – the more the meatier!…

When is the cut off to change the contents of my next RepBox delivery?

Cut off for all changes or new orders is at 23:59 on the day before your next billing date. Please note that you are unable to make any changes to your delivery once your cut off date has passed.



E.g. if your next billing date was on Wednesday, then your cut off time would be 23:59 on the Tuesday night.


If in doubt, simply login to your account and your cut off date is detailed in your dashboard.


Do I get a warning that my RepBox delivery is coming?

Yes! 3 days before we are due to take the payment for your next RepBox order, you will get an email to let you know this is happening. You then have until 23:59 the day before we take payment to make any changes you’d like to make to the contents, address, etc. or to move the delivery date entirely. Don’t worry – all of this info will be in the email!


How do I add items to my regular delivery?

If you would like to receive more or less of an item(s) that is already in your RepBox then simply go into ‘Meat Management’ OR ‘Manage RepBox‘, change the quantity as necessary and make sure you click ‘Update Quantities’.  If you want to remove a product completely, just click the little ‘x’ to the left of the product before clicking ‘Update Quantities’.


To add new item(s) to your RepBox, you can either hit the “Add Products” button within your account area, or navigate to them through the menu at the top of the site and click the checkbox ‘Add to an existing RepBox‘.


You can then select which subscription you would like to add the product to, hit the “Add to RepBox” button and it will be added to your selected subscription!



I want to clear my whole basket and start again.  How do I do this?

Navigate through to ‘Meat Management’ OR ‘Manage RepBox‘ in your dashboard and you’ll see that each item has a small cross to the left of the product name, clicking this will remove it from your RepBox, once you click ‘Update Quantities’.



Your RepBox cannot be completely empty when you do this, so you will need to leave one item in your RepBox and click ‘Update Quantities’.



Add the new products you would like in your RepBox (following the instructions above on how to add items to your delivery) and you will then be able to delete the item you left if you no longer require it. Just remember to hit ‘Update Quantities’ again!



I don’t want the delivery – can I just set the quantities to zero in my dashboard?

No, you cannot save an empty box.



If you would like to cancel just your next delivery, then navigate to ‘Meat Management’ where you can change your delivery date, suspend your deliveries until you want them to start up again, or cancel your subscription altogether!

What is the cut off for rescheduling my next RepBox delivery?

Important Note: The cut-off date for RepBox amendments will be 24 hours earlier than it was before our website was upgraded. This will be shown clearly in your new dashboard and you will still get the usual warning mails so hopefully the transfer to the new regime will be pain free!


Cut off for all changes is 23:59 the day before payment is taken for your next order. 


E.g. if your next billing date was on Wednesday, then your cut off time would be 23:59 on the Tuesday night.


If in doubt, simply login to your account and your cut off date is detailed in your dashboard.


We will send a reminder email 3 days prior to taking payment for your box but please note that this is a courtesy service and therefore customers are reminded to check their dashboard to ensure that the RepBox is as they want it. We cannot be held responsible for any emails that do not make it to your inbox, as this is out of our control.


Please contact us for information on your specific location if you do not see your country in the delivery dropdown at checkout or if you live in the highlands or isles.


How do I change the date of my my next delivery?

Once you have logged into your dashboard, click ‘Change Date’ in the ‘Next Delivery’ section.


This will take you to your Meat Management page where you can select a new date. Choose your new delivery date and click ‘Update’.


Important Note: When changing your next delivery date, your billing date will also move to match it. Your new billing and delivery dates will be updated within your account dashboard, once changes have been saved.


Can I put my RepBox on hold until I am ready to start it up again?

Go to the ‘Manage RepBoxsection within your account and select ‘Suspend’, or you can email us at or give us a call on 0800 098 8122 and we’ll get it sorted for you.

I would like to order a box of meat for a special occasion / friend, do I adjust my RepBox?

You could do, but that would force you to have to log in again in the future and put your RepBox back how it was! It would be easier to place a one-off order . This then won’t affect your regular contents.

Can I use an incentive code or referral code on my RepBox Order?

Only if it is your first order with us, whether that is starting a RepBox or a normal order it will work just fine but not after that. This is true for referral codes (those that have come from an existing customer or one of our partners) or an incentive code (discounted first box for joining the feast!).


Understood, where do I put the code on my first order?

When you start the checkout process there is a ‘Coupon Code’ box underneath the list of products in your shopping cart. Simply enter your code in the box and hit the ‘Apply coupon’ button.


Alternatively, you can enter your code during the checkout process. At the top of the right-hand column in the ‘Your Order’ section, simply click the link that says ‘Click here to enter your code’. A box will appear below the link for you to enter your code and then ‘Apply coupon’.


My incentive code is not working – what do I do?

Please check your incentive code’s minimum order value and excluded products if your code is not working. Athleat incentive codes may exclude a small selection of products on site. If your code was received through an email or marketing collateral, you can see the T’s & C’s for exact information on excluded products or minimum order values within the copy.

Do you take payment at the time of order?

For one-off orders and for your initial RepBox order, yes. For future deliveries, we take payment based on your chosen RepBox frequency.


For example, if you placed your initial order at 12pm on Thursday 16th April with a delivery frequency of every 4 weeks, your next payment would be taken exactly 4 weeks later on Thursday 14th May at around 12pm. Then again, 4 weeks later at around 12pm, and so on…


Your delivery would then be scheduled for the next available delivery slot, which would be at least 2 days after payment has been taken.


For your future repeat deliveries, you will receive an email 3 days before your next subscription payment is due to be taken. This will give you time to make any changes you want to make, all of which can be done through your account!


Important Note: When changing your next delivery date, your billing date will also move to match it. Your new billing and delivery dates will be updated within your account dashboard, once changes have been saved.


What happens if my payment fails? Will I still get my meat?

You will receive an email on despatch day to let you know that payment has gone through ok and that the guys are preparing your order.


If payment fails, you will also be emailed with instructions for making a payment manually.


In this event, you simply need to hit the “Pay Now” button within the email you receive, which will take you back to the checkout page. Update your payment details and select a new delivery date. If you do not adjust your details, the RepBox will be in permanent limbo and will wait patiently for you to return (not in the limbo position, as that would be hard!)


Please also note that you will then be given a new future billing date, based on your frequency.


For example, your delivery frequency is set to 4 weeks and your renewal payment was due to be taken at 12pm on Thursday 14th May, however your payment fails. You receive the email to manually make your renewal payment, but you don’t do this until Friday 15th May at 1:30pm.


Your next renewal date would then be 4 weeks from the time you manually make the payment, i.e. around 1:30pm on Friday 12th June. 


It says I have money in my MeatBank. What is a MeatBank? How do I use it?

Your Meatbank is free money to spend on meat whenever you choose! Your balance can be increased through promotions or refunds!


As you go through the checkout process, if you have a balance in your MeatBank, you will be asked how much of it you would like to use on this order. Enter the amount you would like to use from you MeatBank (you can use as much or as little as you like) then checkout as normal.

I want to change the address for my delivery. How do I do this?

Once in your dashboard, click on the ‘Addresses’ section. On this page, select ‘Edit’ next to your Shipping Address and enter your new shipping address.


You also have the option to update all of your current active subscriptions, simply by checking the box underneath the address form. Finally, make sure you click ‘Save address’.

How do I cancel my RepBox?

It’s easy to cancel your RepBox. All you need to do is head into your dashboard, click “Manage RepBox” and then click ‘Cancel’.

Simple, Flexible Subscription

Your favourite meats delivered to you every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks

Premium Quality Fresh Meat

Freshly butchered and packed on the morning of despatch

Grass Fed And Free Range

Giving you better quality meat than intensively raised livestock

Refer Mates For Rewards

£10 for you & £10 off for them, when they place their 1st order