Our Packaging

Our Packaging

When ordering meat online, you need to be sure that your beautiful grass fed meats arrive in tip top condition. To guarantee that happens, we have developed a bespoke system of insulated boxes, tested and re-tested over many years, we have ensured our packaging will perform in whatever conditions the UK can throw at it. We like to think of our packaging and as a mini portable fridge because it works so well.

We have a strict process for packing your meat to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition. Our Master Butchers freshly prepare your meat by cutting it off the bone, placing it into a food grade vacuum pack and then putting it in a vacuum to take all of the air out of the packet. It is then double sealed to make sure the meat stays sealed for the whole journey, wherever you are. Air is the enemy when it comes to meat perishing and this method is guaranteed to keep your products as fresh as the day it was cut. Your meat is only ever packed on the day of despatch, which makes it the perfect package… literally!

Once your products are vacuum packed, we bring out the big guns with our double strength cardboard boxes. These are lined with our unique food grade insulation sheets, which fit snugly in the box, we create a seal to ensure your meat is never in contact with the box itself.

To keep the produce cold, we shock freeze our hydrated Athleat ice/gel packs and place them above and below your meat products inside your Athleat box. Each ice pack will transfer the cold to your meat products to ensure they stay cold throughout their journey. Our packaging keeps the produce under 5⁰C for up to 72 hours – just like a fridge. When your order arrives, your ice blocks will probably be water sheets – this means they have performed as they should and all their coldy goodness has been transferred to your meat.

Once the ice sheets have been packed, the insulation is sealed over the top and we then introduce our unique Info board. This board gives you details of who butchered and packed your order, instructions on how to get connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and occasionally we will add in a special deal just for you.

Right before we seal the box, we will add your invoice and any jerky, snacks or oils on top of the Info board. This keeps them separate from the cold below.

Your box is then sealed and ready for collection by our fantastic couriers!

We took it upon ourselves to add some clear delivery instructions to the outside of our boxes, just in case you aren’t in when our delivery guys arrive and you forgot to leave instructions at the checkout.

So, there we have it… The Athleat Delivery process… impressive, hey?

This solution is used for UK overnight deliveries. Carnivores everywhere order from Athleat, safe in the knowledge that their meat will be kept COLD and fresh for up to 72 hours in transit!

So, rest assured that when you place an order for some grass fed goodness from Athleat that it will turn up to your door in perfect condition as fresh as the day it was butchered and cold ready for your fridge, freezer or even the pan!

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