man squatting with barbell

Squats – The King Of Exercises

The squat is a great exercise, so we have delved into it in its various forms. In this article, learn how to really up your squat game…

Your Perfect Post-Workout Routine

Want to maximise the fat-burning and muscle-building benefits of your workouts? Then you need to pay attention to what you do and what you eat after your session. Transformation expert and founder of New Body Plan, Jon Lipsey, answers your key post-workout questions…

christmas dinner

What Will You Be Serving For Christmas Dinner?

What will you be serving for Christmas dinner? Here are some different recipes you might like to try at Christmas, based on some of our delicious meats!

Barbell in gym in foreground

The Perfect Pre-Workout Routine

Want to smash your next training session? Then follow this “perfect prep” guide that New Body Plan founder Jon Lipsey used to shed 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to land on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine

paleo letter blocks

The Paleo Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

This guide should tell you everything you need to know about the Paleo diet, so that you can decide whether it’s the right diet for you. Check it out!

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