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Eat free range pork to support animal welfare

Free range animals are reared with some of the highest standards of animal welfare. The animals live lives that are as close to natural as possible, as they have been able to freely roam and graze on the farm.

Of course, a by-product of a pig living outdoors for its entire life is that it is healthier and happier and produces better quality pork.

Eat free range pork to support the environment

The production of grains to feed intensively-reared livestock is potentially detrimental to wildlife due to the number of pesticides and fertilisers used.

Free range, pasture-raised animals can instead contribute to a well-balanced eco-system where wildlife is able to thrive, as they gently graze on pastures without causing damage.

All of this leads to a lower carbon footprint, ultimately meaning it’s better for the environment.

FAQ: What is the difference between free range, outdoor bred and outdoor reared?

Free range: This means the breeding herd and the finishing herd are raised outside, with continuous access to the fresh air.

Outdoor reared/reared outdoor: Both the breeding and the finishing herds are given semi-access to the fresh air but are confined to huts, so they are unable to freely roam.

Outdoor bred: This means the breeding herd lives a free range lifestyle but the piglets, once weaned are moved indoors and intensively reared with the finishing herd.

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