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It says that the meat may arrived frozen or partially frozen. Does that mean I can’t put it in the freezer?

We want your products arriving in tip top condition and therefore on some occasions, where it is necessary, some of your tasty Athleat order may arrive frozen or partially frozen. This doesn’t affect the awesome meat in any way it’s just our way of making sure of the quality. This can apply to seasonal products (like our wild meats) that are only available to us at certain times of the year.

During the production of some of our products there may be occasions where to actually make the product we need to partially blast freeze the meat before we make them (meatballs as an example) so that we are able to shape them into perfect little balls ready for you! Again this doesn’t mean you can’t refreeze them.

But I have received my order and on my label there is a section on it where it says “Previously frozen, do not refreeze”.

If you see this do not panic! After consultation with the Food Standards Agency we have been assured that freezing then re-freezing meat is safe if the following advice is strictly adhered to; The meat has not come up to room temperature at any point the meat was kept below 8°C during any defrosting for example in your fridge or in our packaging.Our packaging keeps the produce under 8°C for up to 72 hours. The meat will not suffer any loss of quality because of this. If you are in doubt that the meat is not cold enough on arrival please just get in touch.

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