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6 Healthy & Tasty Paleo Recipes You Need To Try

We’ve rounded up 6 of our favourite Paleo-friendly recipes for you to try – give them a go and don’t forget to post your efforts on social and tag us in!

Let’s get stuck in…


Crockpot Paleo Venison Stew

paleo venison stew

Serves: 8

Use diced venison in this recipe to make a delicious Paleo stew – which can almost double up as a soup!

And to give it a thicker consistency and texture, quinoa and potatoes are two of the key ingredients.

Check out this recipe from The Pioneer Chicks.


Paleo Chicken Colombo

paleo chicken colombo

Serves: 4

Nutritional Info (Per Portion)

Protein: 59g | Carbs:25g | Fat: 48g

Use bone-in chicken thighs for this recipe, which was made popular long ago in the French West Indies.

The Colombo spice mix includes coriander, mustard, cumin, aniseed, and ginger – and actually works well with any meat!

Check out this recipe from Paleo Leap.


Wild Rabbit Stew

paleo wild rabbit stew

Serves: 4

How about using a whole wild rabbit to create a stew?

It’s an incredibly lean meat and its rich and gamey flavour makes it especially delicious, so it’s perfect if you also want to expand your palate.

Check out this recipe from The Primitive Palate.


Slow-Cooker Paleo Meatballs

paleo beef meatballs

Serves: 4

Slow cooking creates incredibly tender meat, not to mention it also really allows the flavours to develop.

These Paleo meatballs are made with beef mince (although could easily be substituted for chicken mince or turkey mince) and are cooked on low for around 5 hours in a rich tomato sauce.

Check out this recipe from Delish.


Paleo Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce

paleo pork tenderloin

Serves: 8

Nutritional Info (Per Portion)

Protein: 29g | Carbs: 3g | Fat: 11g

The teriyaki sauce that the pork tenderloins are cooked in is not quite your traditional teriyaki recipe! However, it’s Paleo-friendly and equally as tasty.

Served up with either cauliflower rice or a veggie side dish, this quick and easy Paleo dish makes a great midweek dinner.

Check out this recipe from Paleo Running Momma.


Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Tahini Sauce

paleo lamb meatballs

This recipe combines lamb mince with onion, garlic, egg and seasoning to create delicious meatballs.

Served with tahini sauce and salad – this recipe is simple, delicious and ticks all the Paleo-friendly boxes.

Check out this recipe from The Sophisticated Caveman.


If you’re looking for more delicious and nutritious Paleo recipes, you might also like to take a look at our article that highlights 5 Paleo Blogs You Need To Follow.

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