Our new Head Chef Simon Partridge!

About the Chef: Simon Partridge

Hello! I’d like to offer you a warm welcome and introduce myself. My name is Simon Partridge, as well as being a food fanatic and I am a skilled professional and huge fan of fine culinary creations, fantastic flavours and healthy recipes. I like to break down the myth that healthy food can’t be delicious! My love affair for cooking mouth-watering dishes began many years ago, so let me tell you more about how it all began…

My career sprouted from humble beginnings in the kitchen 18 years ago in Northern Ireland. Since then I have held down every job in the restaurant business and have worked in many places around the UK broadening my knowledge on recipes and flavour combinations. I have worked for a vast array of different food providers such as specialist seafood parlours and Savoy Hotels to name but a few, and for the past 13 years, I have been based in Glasgow. Throughout my colourful career, I have tried, tested and produced lots of different styles of food and enjoyed the variety I’ve encountered enormously.


I take huge pride in my role as a head chef; something I’ve been doing for 12 years now. I have led brigades in a fine dining hotel kitchen, a traditional Scottish restaurant, a Spanish tapas bar and in a 4*; 140-bedroom hotel in Glasgow’s city centre. I also had the pleasure of cooking for Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom. A highlight of my career has been working for Nuffield Health and Wellbeing in Glasgow as their food and beverage manager, the position held personal and professional interest for me as this enabled me to develop and pass on my love of healthy, balanced and nutritious food – food that really does something for you. After all, you are what you eat.

“There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does.”

I have always had an active interest in healthy foods and the human body’s relationship with nutrition and exercise so when I got the opportunity to cook for all the pro rugby teams when they visited Glasgow; of course, I jumped at it. It was here I met Richard Chessor, another of Athleat’s ambassadors and broadened my knowledge on sports nutrition. After looking into traditional nutritional dishes there seemed to be a recurrent problem, there was a big gap between nutrition and taste. “Is it possible to have both?” I asked myself, my challenge began.

The importance of good quality ingredients

I chose to pair up with Athleat because of their ethos when it comes to prime cuts of meat and their dedication to quality. As a professional chef, it is imperative to work with like-minded individuals who understand why quality means flavour. Having grass-fed, prime cuts ensure you are consuming only good fats and of course additives and other nasties found in poor quality meats.


Athleat have provided me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for healthy, tasty food with you so you can enjoy some delicious ingredients with some easy to prepare recipes that will pack a hard nutritional and flavoursome PUNCH! You can enjoy some carefully constructed, macro-based meals alongside some hearty comfort food and everything in between with all the dishes having one thing in common – mouth-wateringly DELICIOUS!

“I believe you are what you eat. Give your body the fuel it needs to function correctly. I am now on a mission to show you that healthy eating can also be delicious and effortless to prepare.”

I understand how easy it is to put on weight when you’re surrounded by delicious food all the time. But imagine this equilibrium – delicious food without the thousands of calories!  I’ve just gained lean muscle mass and lost a good amount of fat through cooking and eating my newest creation of macro-measured healthy recipes so it must be working! With lean protein sources and high-quality cuts of meat from Athleat you simply can’t lose.

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